Physical Product Policies for Sellers on ESPORTS4G.COM

Shipping and Selling Rules 1) Sellers can offer ESPORTS4G Marketplace customers a wide variety of physical products. Selling and delivering physical products is currently limited to the residents of India, as well as businesses registered and operating there. 2) ESPORTS4G does not offer a warehouse solution. As a seller, you are solely responsible for logistics. 3) Our marketplace’s…

Service Fee & Commission

Admin or Commission fee will be at 0% until 31 December 2021 regardless of service provided on the platform.Sell more, earn more. Note: fee values are subject to change according to business circumstances.

Seller/buyer is asking for off-site Transaction, What should I do?

If a seller/buyer offers lower prices for an off-site transaction, report the seller to the admins. We do not recommend off-site trading, you are likely to get scammed, and we will not be liable for your loss.

Can I contact support team for a trade dispute?

You can contact our support team for any dispute arising in trade, and we will try to resolve the dispute as fairly as possible.

How to withdraw Money?

To make a withdrawal, Navigate to the seller’s dashboard and click on transactions. Click on Make withdrawal and Fill in all the Details; the mode of payment you want ( PayPal, Skrill, wire transfer, UPI, bank transaction) and fill in the payout details; for example, you need to give your UPI id if you want…

Q. How to report a user?

To report a user, you can navigate the buyer’s dashboard and click on Esports4g Support. There you can report your Problem along with a proper description and generate a ticket. After generating a ticket, our support team will contact you to resolve the issue.