Buying Section

How to buy?

To buy a product/game/service, click on add to cart option, go to your cart, proceed to checkout, fill up your address, click next chose your payment method.

Is the listed price Negotiable?

The listed price on the site is negotiable if the seller agrees to the offered price.

Would I receive an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, an invoice file will be mailed to your registered address as soon as your order is completed.

I did not receive my order but the order details showed that the seller has delivered it.

Try to contact the seller for clarification. If the seller cannot be reached, email us to notify us so we can take quick action.

Is it beneficial to buy wholesale on ESPORTS4G?

ESPORTS4G Marketplace is an attractive spot not only for retail buyers but also wholesalers interested in purchasing games in large quantities – tens or even hundreds of copies at once – for a low price at attractive discounts. .

What are product bundles on ESPORTS4G and how do they work?

Bundles allow you to combine 2 products on ESports4G to purchase them both in one click. Perhaps you want the base game with the DLC at the same time? A game with its sequel? Our marketplace will provide you with such suggestions as you browse products. How can I buy products in bundles? If a…

How do sellers on ESPORTS4G sell their products so cheap? Are they trustworthy?

Many sellers on ESPORTS4G Marketplace are wholesalers who purchase their products straight from the developers and publishers in bulk. Since they buy a large number of products at once, they purchase them at much lower prices. This means they can in turn offer their customers great discounts. Additionally, sellers often purchase their stock in bundles…

Why is my purchase order status still pending?

If your order status is pending, then you can contact the seller regarding real-time updates. Sellers are also gamers, so they might be busy or unavailable; therefore, you can either choose to buy from those sellers who are online at the moment or wait for them. The seller will deliver the product to you. If…

What kind of digital products can I buy on

Thanks to, where gamers can buy almost every game and is further divided into categories:- Game Accounts Coins Boosting Coaching Items