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Physical Product Policies for Sellers on ESPORTS4G.COM

Shipping and Selling Rules 1) Sellers can offer ESPORTS4G Marketplace customers a wide variety of physical products. Selling and delivering physical products is currently limited to the residents of India, as well as businesses registered and operating there. 2) ESPORTS4G does not offer a warehouse solution. As a seller, you are solely responsible for logistics. 3) Our marketplace’s…

Q. How to report a user?

To report a user, you can navigate the buyer’s dashboard and click on Esports4g Support. There you can report your Problem along with a proper description and generate a ticket. After generating a ticket, our support team will contact you to resolve the issue.

Why is there an additional fee at the checkout?

The payment partners charge additional fee at the time of checkout as a maintenance fee for every transaction made.

How to block a user?

Go to the chat of the user you want to block, look for three dots, click on three dots, and then click on block user.

How to view purchased Product?

To view purchased Product, click on purchased product present at the bottom of the website.

How to view sold order?

Click on the sold orders present at the bottom of the website

How to view cart?

To view your cart, click on the cart icon on the top of the website

How to view my orders?

To view, your orders Go to the buyers dashboard by clicking on the profile icon on top of the website

How to view my Wishlist?

To view your Wishlist, look for a heart-shaped icon on the top of the website, click on that icon.

How to remove custom bg?

To remove custom bg, go to chat and to your profile, then click on edit, scroll down to remove custom bg, and click on remove.