Seller/buyer is asking for off-site Transaction, What should I do?

If a seller/buyer offers lower prices for an off-site transaction, report the seller to the admins. We do not recommend off-site trading, you are likely to get scammed, and we will not be liable for your loss.

Q. How to report a user?

To report a user, you can navigate the buyer’s dashboard and click on Esports4g Support. There you can report your Problem along with a proper description and generate a ticket. After generating a ticket, our support team will contact you to resolve the issue.

What is insurance?

Insurance will be your Lifetime Priority and customer support, which means your problems will be given utmost priority.

How can you report a fraud?

If you came across an item that ended illegally on our site, contact us Directly and Provide our support with proper evidence, and we will block the sale and reporting the seller to the concerned authority

How do sellers on ESPORTS4G sell their products so cheap? Are they trustworthy?

Many sellers on ESPORTS4G Marketplace are wholesalers who purchase their products straight from the developers and publishers in bulk. Since they buy a large number of products at once, they purchase them at much lower prices. This means they can in turn offer their customers great discounts. Additionally, sellers often purchase their stock in bundles…

Payment Link Scam (UPI Scam)

If you get an SMS consisting of a link from the name of ESports4G or any other name variation, asking for payment make sure you do not click it. Delete it permanently and let us know. ESports4G never asks for permission of payment through SMS or any other link option.

QR Code scam

It is possible a user may share a QR code with you. In that case, DO NOT scan it no matter what otherwise it could result in an undisclosed amount of money to be debited from your account.