Selling Section

Service Fee & Commission

Admin or Commission fee will be at 0% until 31 December 2021 regardless of service provided on the platform.Sell more, earn more. Note: fee values are subject to change according to business circumstances.

How To Sell A Product/ Game/ Services?

To sell a product/game/service, you need to be a registered vendor/seller at; for that, you need to complete KYC and upload your documents. We will verify your documents and will approve your request. After the approval, you will get access to our seller’s dashboard. Navigate to Sell Now and Click on create a Listing….

Can I resell the product I purchased from

Yes, you can always become a seller at Esport4g; you can resell the products if you want to.

Coaching Service

The seller providing the coaching service must list the package, time zone language, coaching medium, and hours in the description. The buyer is requested to chat with the seller before buying a documented package. The seller and buyer can record the session as proof that the coaching is done for the said hours, To reduce…

A product in my offer has been banned, what should I do?

Don’t worry. It’s just ESports4G security measures doing their job. You should re-check offer content. Our security systems check the keys you are adding to either a new offer or an already existing one. If they detect any issues with the stock you are uploading, you will automatically receive a notification.

How do I contact the seller?

You can contact the seller by clicking on the chat button on the seller’s product listings page.

Illegal Activities

Any kind of digital service obtained through illegal means, including but not limited to hacked/cracked or scammed, etc. Doing this will ensure a permanent ban or temporary ban with a monetary penalty.

Guidelines for Sellers

Sellers are requested to:- Timely deliver the goods to the Buyer Mention working hours. Keep a record of screenshots/short clips as proof of delivery. Proof of delivery is important evidence that will be used during disputes. Off-Site trading is prohibited. Account will be permanently banned if found. Chat with the Buyer on the platform…

How to sell on Esports4G?

In case of Selling: Register yourself on the website of Esports4G, and you can sell your account,coins,items at a reasonable price. It is advisable not to sell an account at a beginner level but instead sells a premium account.  After login,  go to the seller’s dashboard and then click on products. Now you can add…

Why do I have to submit my identity documents for verification?

Identity documents are necessary for seller registration as it is part of K-Y-C Known as Know your Customer, and it will help in identifying the seller so that Esports4G can help or assist legislative or executive authorities in different countries to avoid any Anti Money Laundering activities and help in preventing any illegal activities on…

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