Trading Issues And Disputes

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Seller/buyer is asking for off-site Transaction, What should I do?

If a seller/buyer offers lower prices for an off-site transaction, report the seller to the admins. We do not recommend off-site trading, you are likely to get scammed, and we will not be liable for your loss.

Can I contact support team for a trade dispute?

You can contact our support team for any dispute arising in trade, and we will try to resolve the dispute as fairly as possible.

If the seller and buyer have decided to do off-site trading, will there be any repercussions?

ESports4g DO NOT recommend off-site trading for security reasons. Any off-site activity will result in suspension of account and we won’t be responsible for any off-site transaction problems. We insist you do your business online only so we could assist you in every step possible.

Trading safety guidelines

 Our Recommendations:- – Do not disclose your Esports4G account details to anybody. – Do not disclose your account login credentials to anyone. – Do not contact the seller on any other platform other than – Do not indulge in any offsite trading as it will get you ban or penalties. – Do take screenshots…

What should I do if I receive something other than what I have ordered?

In this case, contact the seller and fix the issue. If the problem is still unsolved, contact us at and let us assist you.

Should I click “Confirm Received/Complete” before I receive the item?

One should avoid clicking on confirm received until and unless ordered goods has been delivered to you and you have thoroughly checked the contents within.