Refund Policy

  1. At ESPORTS4G, all sales are final; no refunds will be issued unless the item is not delivered, or what was sent is not functionally or accurately described. The ESPORTS4G Trust covers buyers in these situations.
  2. Buyers must wait to finalize a purchase until they have examined the item/ Account they have received to ensure that it is functional and exactly as described in the product listing. If no claim, dispute, or complaint is submitted by the relevant Buyer to ESPORTS4G within 24 hours of delivery, the relevant Buyer shall be regarded to have accepted the bought Goods and/or Services. For orders that have been finished and finalized, refunds will not be issued.
  3. Refunds won’t be given for any of the following reasons, either:
    • Buyer’s regret
    • Purchased item has been re-sold elsewhere
    • Account or item was not properly secured after transfer of ownership (subject to circumstances)
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