Privacy Policy

Who will your information be shared with?

In Short: We only share information with the following third parties.

We only share and disclose your information with the following third parties. We have categorized each party so that you may be easily understand  the purpose of our data collection and processing practices. If we have processed your data based on your consent and you wish to revoke yo ur consent, please contact us using the contact details  provided  in the  section  below  titled “HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS NOTICE?

  • Advertising, Direct Marketing, and Lead Generation
    • Google AdSense and Facebook Audience Network
  • Allow Users to Connect to Their Third-Party Accounts
    • Google account and Facebook account
  • Cloud Computing Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
  • Communicate and Chat with Users
    • Facebook Customer Chat
  • Content Optimization
    • Google Site Search
  • Data Backup and Security
    • Google Drive Backup
  • Invoice and Billing
    • Razor pay and PayPal
  • Retargeting Platforms
    • Google Ads Remarketing, Google Analytics Remarketing and Facebook Custom Audience
  • Social Media Sharing and Advertising
    • Facebook advertising
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